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February 2015



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A few days ago, our PM Tony Abbott said that blue ties were his uniform and that he wouldn't be changing it anytime soon. He did offer a qualification in that he owned and wore dark blue ties, light blue ties and mixed blue ties. Glad our Prime Minister cleared that up.

Whatever your political views, whether a phallic strip of fabric makes you look like a big boy or not and is a tie actually a uniform, Tony Abbott has made the blue tie part of his brand. For the rest of the country though, uniforms and the reasoning behind them are a little more advanced.

Choosing your uniform begins with colour but beyond that, there are hundreds of options. Of course the thing that really identifies a uniform, your logo, can be in whatever colours you like. 



October 2014



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We printed this run of Biz Collection Ice Tees for the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Team at Coles. Moraitis who supplied the pumpkins gave us a tight deadline but we weren't scared. Both front and back logos are heat pressed vinyl and ideal for small runs. In fact 1 if you like. And being digital means the your colour options are only limited by your palette. Ghoul.



July 2014


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In response to the furore over Frighbat comments made by a Sydney journalist, we decided to give away as many Frightbat patches as we could pending retweets from anybody that saw our original tweet. To date we've posted more than 50 patches to aspiring frightbats around Australia. There are some left and we're still happy to post one out if you'd like to email your postal address to us.



May 2014


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Activ Embroidery Designs is very pleased to have been asked to produce these patches and caps for the upcoming second series of BBC's Helicopter Heroes. The series follows the trials and tribulations of the dedicated and resourceful men & women who fly helicopters across the state in emergency situations. No word yet on the airing date but you can check out the first series here.



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This year marks 191 years since the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW put on it's first show. Attracting close to 900,000 people a year, it has grown into a mecca for anyone who loves a good time. The standouts for us were the Food Dome, the Arts & Crafts and the Australian Glory finale with one of the best fireworks displays we've ever seen.




April 2014





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Activ Embroidery Designs joined the Twittersphere in March to follow our favourite people and things and to spread the Activ word to the world.

Please join us at @ActivEmbDesigns


Join us at for your daily fix of the most beautiful and inspiring pins we have to offer. This is where we do our awake dreaming.


Join us at for your our featured videos. No cats will be filmed performing any kind of embroidery. Unless you want us to.

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We've already started the transformation of our once wardrobe sized showroom into something more spacious and inviting. It is open and fully operational as it is but by the end of April it should be completed and even better.

Thank you to our clients who've seen it and commented on it's much better layout and presentation.



March 2014


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After a plea from Charlie Pickering for The Project TV mugs, we had no choice but to alleviate his terrible pain and supply the glorious little mugs. Since receiving the tweet we went into warp speed to ensure they had them ASAP.


Last night (March 3rd) he was visibly calmer and his usual bantery self. Can't be sure what was IN the mug though.




February 2014

Sochi Olympic Uniforms - the Games get off to a uniformly weird start.


For some, the Olympic Games aren't about the sport or the competition or even the athletes. It's about what the athletes are wearing and what they paraded on Saturday has set the world talking.


Akin to Eurovision for fashion, the most colourful and out-there designs have inspired commentary worldwide. And isn't that what it's all about? Germany, Norway, the USA, Bermuda, France, Ireland: all vying for the headline - Best/Worst/Oddest Uniform. By far the winner if there could be one, would be Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe (competing for Mexico) in his Mariachi inspired skiotard. Now a worldwide name thanks to his uniform.


When weighing up ideas for a new uniform for your business, team, group or community, conservative is one option and not many of us want to stand out in a crowd, but when you think about it, isn't that the reaction you really want?



January 2014

Rock 'N' Ride all over again.

For the second year running, we supplied the Rock 'N' Ride crew with these large vest backed embroideries. This year we added the MENTAL MULISHA patches for an even bigger impact. Together with the Harley Davidson leather vests, they're sure to become collector's items.


RockNRidegrouphug.jpg - largeRockNRidesewnon.jpg - largeHeadspaceValvolinecl2.jpg - large



Happy New Year - and have we got a year for you.


Activ Embroidery Designs is thrilled to be back for 2014. Much behind the scenes action at Activ HQ this month. We're looking forward to an Activ year with you, our loyal band of Activeers and to all newbies to our home of embroidered and printed apparel.

Look out for us on Twitter, @ActivEmbDesigns and our YouTube Channel Activ Embroidery Designs.




October 2013

End of Year Outdoor Summertime Holiday Gift Inspirations.


Make this the year you remember your customers, employees and close ones with our range of branded gift items.


Discreet or bold branding on any of these items will have your name closest to the people and organisations that matter most.


And outdoors is where Australians love to be and they'll be outdoors relaxing, enjoying the sun, the time off and using the gift you gave them:


 Sheridan3TowelGiftset.jpg - large SheridanBeachTowelBo1.jpg - largeSheridanRobeBoxed.jpg - large


 PicnicBlanketCushion1.jpg - largeSpeakerMusicCoolerBag.jpg - largeBBQapronsetfromTRG.jpg - large


SHERIDAN towels, robes & gift sets are long lasting, luxurious and sought after every season. From bathroom to beach you'll want to always be wet just so you can wrap yourself in these soft and thirsty towels.  And they'll always be monogrammed with your brand.


Embroidered picnic blankets that double as comfy cushions. Compact and easily stored in the car, they're ready to go anytime. The original flat pack.

Discuss with us where you'd like your brand placed.


Cooler bags and drink packs: Nothing goes down like a cold, cold drink or fresh, crisp fruit from a cooler bag with your brand. 25 minimum means you'd be saving literally scores of people this holiday season from warm fizz. And now with the added benefit of music speakers. Plug in your/their MP3 player and instant boom box. Yes, the 80's ARE back.


BBQ Utensil Apron. We can't promise the snags 'n' chops'll be any less charred, but at least the beer'll be flowing and the circle of men that crowd the God of Blackened Meat will look (through the smoky haze) at the god wearing his/your branded apron. His/your utensils will always be at hand so said branded apron will never have to leave the group. Captive audience supplied free.




June 2013



TheMolephoto.jpg - largeMolebagsemb1.jpg - smallMolemoneybag.jpg - small20130123_180757.jpg - small


Channel 7's revamped THE MOLE for 2013 and Activ Embroidery Designs would like to thank Fremantle Media, especially Paul and Louise (Thank you so much for everything! It looks fabulous.) for choosing us to embroider various items for the show.

We can't wait to see them in action (contestants that is) trying to outMole eachother. 



May 2013 



Congratulations to Team Sugar'n'Spice for raising over $20,000 for breast cancer research. In only your second year and double what you had set to achieve. Amazing commitment and passion for a very worthy cause. We were very pleased to donate the pretty pink shirts worn by Sugar'n'Spice.


From Padmi - dynamo extraordinaire!! 

"Well done team – what a HUGE effort $20,045 online plus $350 via cheques! The 20,395 dollar team! There are so many wonderful memories that we will each cherish and I want to thank you all for the wonderful efforts of never giving up. The goal was only $10,000 and look at what we have achieved!

Please remember to thank each and every person that donated to you, which I am sure you have already done along the way.

Here are the final stats – but this was simply the icing on top – and never the higher intent. The intent was always for raising breast cancer awareness and raise funding for breast cancer research. With our team branding – people knew we were serious and with our passion – they knew we were determined:

  • 24 team members                                          TeamSugarnSpice.png - large
  • #1 team in Parramatta
  • #5 team Nationally across Australia
  • #20 in Australia’s top 40 – Janine Sebastian
  • 8 team members raised $1,000 each plus more!

MASSIVE EFFORT! BE PROUD! You have made a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in the life of a breast cancer patient. See you all again in 2014 and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Padmi & Team Sugar n’ Spice





While most people were soaking up some of Summer's finest days over the New Year break, we were embroidering and applying badges to the 15 ROCK'N'RIDE denim vests as worn by some of our most well known celebrities on their five day (Jan 20th - 25th) Gold Coast to Adelaide motorbike run in support of *Headspace. We love a challenge and despite the tight timeframe, we knew it could be done. Unique orders like this where attention to detail and care from initial consultation to digitising, embroidery and application are a specialty of Activ Embroidery Designs. We trialed and tested a number of stitch effects to give this design the stand out it deserves. And in the words of our very happy client, "Jackets look great!! They look awesome! Great job."

We were very fortunate to have been asked to embroider these. What a great job to start the year!

Click on the R'N'R pic below to view all the photos of the journey on instagram.

ROCKNRIDEback.jpg - largeBigdayoutfront2.jpg - large

*Activ Embroidery Designs are not a sponsor of this initiative and are not affiliated with any of the organisations associated. 



January 2013



Firstly, thank you to everyone who helped us finish 2012 on a high. We digitised more new logos and decorated more garments than any year before. Your support for Activ Embroidery Designs is greatly appreciated and drives our enthusiasm to do more and more for you.




VRentals.jpg - large


Our Work on Screen 


Earlier this year, AED was approached to embroider a flag for an upcoming

V Rentals commercial.


Had us stumped as well why a beverage company would be in the rental business, but check out Video 4 (Jacuzzi Truck) on their site and we think you’ll agree that without the embroidered flag, the commercial wouldn’t be nearly as fun and quirky as it is.



September 23rd 2012 

Glenworth Valley NSW


How do turn a group of clean, well-adjusted human beings into a posse of fearsome swamp creatures? Easy.

Throw them at TOUGH MUDDER and don’t let ‘em out until they’ve finished it!


Unfamiliar with TOUGH MUDDER? It’s a 20km obstacle course of mud, high walls, mud, tunnels (with mud), ice baths, mud, rope ladders, mud, electric shocks, mud, mountain climbs, mud, and so much more mud than you could ever want.

I, along with 30 other TEAM MASSIVE MUDDERS (we were easily the largest group of the day) took on the challenge of our lives. The team was stoked with their A.E.D. singlets and yes we sounded MASSIVE all day too.

With unflinching teamwork, we each and every one of us completed the course – as a team. 

TeamMassiveTMStart1.png - largeMWlogoMasthead.png - large



September 16th 2012



A beautiful day at Wilson Park saw the Newington Gunners hold their annual end of season wind down where everyone in the Gunners family celebrated and reflected on a busy but successful year.

We were thrilled to be part of it as this is our first year of sponsorship. We were warmly welcomed and we look forward to many more years of association with our local soccer club.



Despite the sunshine, a few of our winter jackets made an appearance, they were so popular! And the burgers were amaaaazing.

Activ Embroidery Designs are proud sponsors of the Gunners. Please click on the player to view all to do with this club.

SoccerBoyTrans.jpg - largeGunnersAwards1.jpg - large


September 1st, 2012


Welcome to The Showroom, our new News page. It's about what’s new, what’s leaving, how-to tips and guides, Q & A with a diverse range of people, links, upcoming events, your feedback and whole lot more.


Our new website has been live for a few weeks now. It's shinier and more content driven. There is still more to add and fine tune and we're very excited about bringing all these new features out soon.


At Activ Embroidery Designs we love embroidery and helping people, clubs and businesses choose the right apparel, uniform or gift for their needs. We’ve enjoyed doing this for nearly 20 years and without a doubt, the best part of our business is working with our loyal customers who have entrusted their embroidery and uniform requirements to us.


We are very fortunate to have with us a terrific group of diverse clients that have been with us since the beginning. And a very warm welcome to our newest clients, our hard working suppliers and to all who would like to sneak a look at our site to see what we’re about and what we might have to offer.