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Manager: Andrew Cornwell

Unit 9, 8 Millennium Court
Tel.: 02 9748 7444
Fax: 02 9748 4433


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When CORGHI SpA created Passion to Innovate in 2014 they had said out loud what the founders and brothers Erminio and Remo Corghi had been doing since 1947 when they began with agricultural machinery, hunting devices, radios, tv volt stabilisers and household appliances. The company began officially in 1954 with their trademark nightingale logo.


In 1960 after seeing the surge in personal car ownership and subsequent maintenance required, they invented and patented the world's first electro-mechanical tyre changer and have dominated the world of wheel service ever since.


In 2001 CORGHI developed and patented LEVA LA LEVA, a 'touchless" tyre changing system that uses R.E.M.O. (Robotic Equipment for Measuring Optics) No part of the machine touches the rim. It takes all the guesswork and most of the manual effort (you still have to lift the tyre onto the machine of course) out of changing tyres. Given today's modern and very specialised rims are very expensive, not touching them means everyone's happy.


Formula 1, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Ducati and West Coast Customs all use CORGHI's World's Best LEVA LA LEVA.


Andrew Cornwell joined CORGHI in 2005 and heads the Australian franchise from his HQ in Silverwater. While CORGHI developed the best in technical equipment & know-how, Andrew has spread the Corghi word far and wide to the automotive world. His passion for the product and his industry was evident when Passion to Innovate was announced. And it was the right time to present CORGHI MASTERCLASS to his clients. An in-house training programme that aims to educate, train and enable in all areas of Wheel Service.


He knew it was time for a total uniform shakedown. Andrew wanted a clean professional look that echoed CORGHI's link to motorsport and the automotive world. Not overkill.


Incorporating the best of CORGHI's logos and icons we created the embroideries & ultimate layout of the uniform's look. To say that Andrew was happy was a huge understatement. After CORGHI SpA had signed off on our embroidered uniform design Andrew was ready for the next phase of CORGHI Australia's expansion; the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo in Melbourne this coming April.